Leisa A. Bailey, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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About Therapy

With our complicated lives, any of us may feel the need for support and assistance in some area of life.  It may be called “psychotherapy”, “counseling”, “therapy”, or “coaching” but entering into a therapeutic alliance with a trained professional to achieve specific goals of life change is a unique process.

Many people are reluctant to contact a therapist believing they should be able to solve life’s problems without help.  That is just not necessary.  All of us, in our fast paced, highly stressful society, have hard times.  None of us can be expected to automatically have all the coping skills we need.  Therapy helps people develop skills they have not yet had a chance to develop.

If sadness, depression, or anxiety is interfering with your daily life and impacting sleep, appetite, work performance and relationships, therapy can be immensely helpful.  While everyone experiences emotional pain at times, if your distress is particularly severe or persistent, professional help should be considered. 

Therapy is also helpful with personal growth and self-improvement.  An objective trained professional can help you identify and overcome obstacles that interfere with reaching goals and help in the learning of how to live life with deeper personal satisfaction.  Therapy can help you acquire or strengthen skills to improve any area of life.

Your relationships can improve greatly with therapy.  By identifying core conflicts and working to develop better communication skills, issues can be better understood and resolved.  Couples therapy can give a trouble relationship on the brink of divorce a second chance.  Therapy is also helpful with issues of loss, trauma, or abuse.  I can provide a safe, confidential place for you to process complicated feelings and learn how to heal and resolve overwhelming issues.

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